In his latest slam against the NFL, Eric Reid has accused the league of yet another instance of collusion by alleging that they pinned him with a hefty fine of $20,054 for a hit in the Panthers' Monday matchup against the New Orleans Saints. It was at the end of the second quarter that the safety made contact with Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas as he went out of bounds. 

Reid would soon upload footage of the play, calling it legal and noting that no flag was thrown on the play. With the clip, he wrote the caption, "Adding to the file."

The "file" refers to the current case of collusion that Reid has filed against the league, accusing the NFL of targetting him for his decision to continue to kneel druing the national anthem at the start of every game in protest of police brutality. It is supplemented by the fact that Reid has now been drug tested a total of seven times in the last three months and has earned his second fine in a month and his fourth overall since joining the Carolina Panthers.

Of the amount of drug tests that Reid has undergone, Panther coach Ron Rivera told the press that while "highly improbable, it was still definitely possible." But I'll say this," he told ESPN. "If my name came up that many times, I'd buy a lottery ticket."