Safety Eric Weddle has a pretty impressive career in the NFL since being drafted by the San Diego Chargers back in 2007. He has picked up 6 Pro Bowl appearances, with three of those coming in all three seasons that he has played with the Baltimore Ravens. Weddle had one year to go with the Ravens, but at 34 years old, the purple and black decided to cut him, making him into a free agent for the upcoming season, according to ESPN. While Weddle might be without a team, for now, he is looking forward to next season.

"What a great 3 yrs we had in BMORE!!! 3 Pro Bowls, #1 DEF, 2018 AFC north Champs. Ravens took a chance on me and will forever be grateful. Our family will miss Maryland. Excited to see where I end up next season!!!!" Weddle wrote on Twitter.

Weddle was considered by many to be a phenomenal teammate and leader. He was also the quarterback of the Ravens defense, which was one of the league's best this season. Ravens defensive end Chris Wormley commented on the news saying "One of the greatest leaders I've even been around! Thanks for everything Uncle Weddle!"

The veteran safety will be allowed to sign anywhere he wants as of March 13th when the NFL offseason officially begins.