This has already caused a stir in the court of public opinion. Erica Banks's "Buss It" has helped the rising 1501 Certified Entertainment artist gain steam in her quest to be the next "it" rapper in the game. A viral TikTok challenge has now spread throughout various social media platforms, and "Buss It" has become the latest twerk anthem for those who like to show off what they're working with. Several artists have supported Banks's track, but it was Tory Lanez that she highlighted on her Instagram page on Monday (February 1).

By the look of things, Lanez is back to his shenanigans of having women shake it fast on Live, and someone recorded him enjoying a woman's...talents. Erica Banks reposted the clip and added the caption, "@torylanez goin Crazy BUSS ITTTTT KEEP STREAMING!" It all seems innocent enough, but due to Megan Thee Stallion's connections to both artists, the post has already created a storm among fans of the H-Town Hottie.

As Megan and Tory continue to be at odds over the shooting incident that has divided fan bases, the rapper remains entangled in a legal battle with her label, 1501. Not everyone was happy to see Banks give Lanez a shoutout and deemed the move to be messy, considering the circumstances, but supporters of Banks defended her by saying she can do what she pleases to celebrate her song. Check it out below.