Twenty-four hours after announcing that she's expecting Baby No. 2, Erica Mena is addressing the negativity she's been receiving online. The Love & Hip Hop star is used to taking hits on social media and having people weigh in with their opinions regarding her marriage to Safaree Samuels, but every so often she hops on her Instagram Story to speak directly to her critics

Mena stated that she's been in a "relaxing and peaceful" space, but she was surprised at how many people left hateful comments about her pregnancy and marriage.

"Granted, there's been mistakes made, immaturely, but a marriage is a marriage," she said of her relationship with Safaree. "And unfortunately, there's been mishaps. In any marriage, sh*t happens. When you're in the public eye, my husband and I have both realized that things should be kept in. But outside of that, we're talking about a blessing here but you guys are trying to be so negative and nasty about it that it really makes me pray. Like, you guys are such nasty and disgusting souls."

She added that there are people who call her relationship "toxic" but when Mena visits her critics' pages, they're no better. "Half of you guys can't keep a man let alone get married," she added. "Vice versa for the men. How dare you? If you don't have nothing nice to say, just keep it moving. We're talking about life, here. Life is short and you guys are trying to find something disgusting to say about new life?"

Swipe below to watch Erica Mena address her critics in full below.