For decades, Wendy Williams has used her platform to make shady remarks about celebrities. The famed talk show host began her career in radio and was known for her hot takes on pop culture, and it's those verbal jabs helped her amass the success that she has acquired. Not many celebrities bite back against Williams because they choose to either ignore the rude remarks or use them to their advantage, often visiting Wendy's show to plug their projects.

However, Erica Mena is no longer playing nice and has unleashed her frustrations against Williams. For years, Wendy has spoken about Erica's past relationship with Bow Wow, her television appearances, and her marriage troubles with Safaree Samuels. After announcing that she's expecting Baby No. 2, Williams added Mena to her "Hot Topics" and told the reality star that a baby won't save a marriage. Mena wasn't having it.

Earlier this week, Erica Mena tweeted, "At this point let's link up so I can beat your ass. Your ex husband didn't do a good enough job." The tweet was highly criticized, but Mena returned to Twitter with an "I said what I said" response to her critics. "There was nothing more to really report on hot topics besides we are expecting another blessing," Mena stated. "But as always this creature always wants to give advice on marriage, a subject she failed at."

"She never attacks the men who actually are at fault. It's always her going at women," Mena continued. "Me being one any chance she gets. For years I stood quiet when it comes to this creatures nasty statements. This time I played her own game. I don't regret or take back anything. No one is going to constantly disrespect me and put limits on how I disrespect back."

Williams hasn't responded, but it wouldn't be surprising if this one made its way to her "Hot Topics" once again. Read through Erica Mena's posts below.