The status of their marriage is unclear after the world witnessed Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena engage in a spat on Twitter. The Love & Hip Hop New York couple has been enjoying wedded bliss for a year and a half, but things recently came to a head after the rapper said "getting married was 1 of the BIGGEST mistakes." He claimed he would be walking away before his wife called him "the most selfish, vain, and inconsiderate person" to both her and their young daughter. Since that time, the public has tweeted and retweeted both reality stars, and Mena is letting it be known that she doesn't need anyone's marriage advice.

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Dia Dipasupil / Staff / Getty Images

"I don't run to y'all about my marriage issues so please save the energy on giving me advice," Mena tweeted. "I know what's what I do what's best. And if I'm not the best version of myself for whatever reason that isn't fair to my kids. MY KIDS come before every and anything." She also carved out some time to clap back at a Twitter user who tried to come down on her for not posting her son as much as her daughter. "If you're in a sh*tty marriage get out don't put your kids through that," wrote the user. "Stop posting about it thentoo."

Mena replied, "Because how stupid you sound let me correct you. You watch me,You give me your energy by being entertained with my life. Stupid that pays my bills. I never put my son on tv like that because he deserves his own identity and actually hates the public eye. My son lives betta than U."

This all comes weeks after Safaree shared that he didn't want more children with Erica because she got too big during her pregnancy. Last November, Safaree took to social media to announce that they were getting divorced, but later backtracked on his comments. Check out the posts below.