In Rolling Stone’s latest Musicians on Musicians segment, R&B legend, Erykah Badu sat down for a chat with soon-to-be R&B legend herself, Summer Walker. While the pair touched on and bonded over various topics, Badu opened up about something that has piqued the curiosity of fans for decades: Her relationship with Andre 3000

She began by recalling their relationship sparking romance at breakneck speeds, skipping the friendship stage altogether back in the ‘90s. “When we became boyfriend and girlfriend in the ‘90s, we didn’t become friends first. We were attracted to each other first,” she explained.

“We had stuff in common, but we didn’t learn all of that until over the years. We have a 23-year-old son. Over these years, we’ve just become closer and closer as friends, as humans, as man, as woman.” 

Despite their romantic relationship not quite going the distance, the two have become close friends — best friends, according to Badu. “He just left Dallas, actually. He came down for my grandma’s memorial. He’s one of my best friends on the planet,” she revealed.

“I care for him so very much, about his livelihood, his art, his feelings. And I’m a super big fan of him. I’m assuming he’s also a fan of my music. We’re really close,” she went on. 

She added that her and Andre’s relationship has taken on so many forms over the years that they can easily adjust their dynamic to fit whatever life throws at them. “We laugh all the time, talk about things. It’s brother and sister, it’s grandmother and grandson, it’s father and daughter. It’s so many different things depending on what the situation calls for,” she said.

Walker subsequently chimed in, calling their unconventional love story “beautiful.”