Apparently, since Kendrick Lamar dropped the lyric "Um, well cutie, I like your bougie bootie/Come Erykah Badu me/Hell, let’s make a movie," on Kanye West's "No More Parties In L.A." the internets have been abuzz with rumors that this means that K. Dot and the legendary singer are an item. 

For whatever reason, Badu has just this morning decided to respond to said rumors. There's nothing happening between Badu and Lamar, according to the singer, the rapper is actually quite shy. She starts by saying, "Kendrick aint called me since y'all made up some shit about us being in the trailer makin out so he missed his award." The two have apparently only met once, and that would be at the BET Awards in 2013, which the singer included a photo from in her tweet. She throws in a bit of wisdom in response to a fan: "It's not always betwixxx the thighs .. Sometimes it's between the ears."

Check out her tweets below.