Erykah Badu is not letting the coronavirus pandemic stop her from looking fierce, which is exactly why she opted to wear a bootleg Louis Vuitton hazmat suit while she attended the Austin Film Society’s Texas Film Awards. On Thursday, the music icon was honoured with the Filmmakers/Soundtrack Award at the ceremony “for her many roles in film, writing, directing and editing in all her own videos for the past 22 years.” However, she couldn't very well head up onstage and risk contracting the rapidly spreading COVID-19, so the ever-eccentric artist got a little creative with her award show ensemble. Erykah showed up in a handmade, bootleg hazmat suit, covered in spray-painted Louis Vuitton logos and complete with a visor, gloves, and, of course, a surgical mask. She paired the get-up with some black, feathered boots and what appears to be a genuine Louis Vuitton bag.

Erykah Badu coronavirus panic pandemic knockoff bootleg designer couture hazmat suit Austin Film Society’s Texas Film Awards Louis VuittonGary Miller/Getty Images

Erykah shared some shots of her outfit on Instagram, calling the look, "Social Distancing Couture."

She even shared where she got her inspiration from. Erykah posted a photo of Andre 3000 wearing one of his many jumpsuits from the OutKast 20th anniversary reunion tour in 2014 that bore socially-conscious-slogans. In the photo, his jumpsuit reads, "Ok, hand over the cure and stop playing," to which Erykah wrote, "That’s what he said."

Erykah is also following in the footsteps of another celebrity who has been taking extra precautions amid the widespread coronavirus concerns. Naomi Campbell, whose rigorous airplane hygiene routine went viral last year, is clearly not taking any chances with her health, as she was been spotted rocking a hazmat suit, pink gloves and a blue surgical mask at LAX recently. We really have to commend these ladies for still looking stylish as they ward off this deadly virus.