Aside from both hailing from Georgia and being OGs of the hip hop scene there, there's not much in common between 2 Chainz and Future. Not their public personas, not their music, and not even their physique. As spring rolls in, the annual college basketball March Madness tournament is just a few weeks away. Perhaps a little too excited about the forthcoming event, ESPN made the mistake of using a photo of 2 Chainz rather than Future in a now-deleted Instagram post on Monday (March 1). 

The network's media team had a case of mistaken identity in the Instagram post as they attempted to pay ode to Future's memorable 2015 track "March Madness" from his fan-favorite 56 Nights mixtape, while also announcing that the namesake sporting event was approaching. ESPN posted a since-deleted photo on Instagram where they tried to compare Wilt Chamberlain's 1960s stats to Future's stellar performance on the track. Rather than attaching a photo of the "March Madness" rapper, however, they instead shared a photo of the self-proclaimed 'Tity Boi.' 

The post stayed up for a couple of hours before fans quickly pointed out under the comments that there seemed to be a mixup. By then, however, it was too late, and screenshots of the post began swirling all around social media. Many dragged the network for the mistake, particularly because they went as far as to even tag Future in the post

Others pointed out that this mistake would have not happened if the network had a more diversified media team. "Like.... I bet their social media manager is 33 year old white woman named Sarah who's never heard a future or 2 chainz song," said one person. 

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