LeBron James' epic chase down block on Andre Iguodala in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, with the game knotted at 89, is simply being billed as "The Block," but it ESPN's Sports Science made it way more complex.

In breaking down LeBron's swat, Sports Science's John Brenkus revealed that LeBron covered 60 feet of hardwood in just 2.67 seconds which is a quicker time than they clocked Chiefs' running back, Jamaal Charles. It's worth noting, LBJ outweighs Charles by 50 pounds.

But what was most impressive is the timing that LeBron displayed when pinning Iggy's shot against the backboard, a window of opportunity that was only open for .20 seconds. 

Did we need all of these scientific facts to prove how awesome LeBron's Game 7 block was? Hell no. But does it make everything he did on that play that much more impressive? You bet.