Eva Marcille's ex is coming back to haunt her and has been doing so for a few weeks now. Kevin McCall attended court recently in his fight to attain custody of his daughter he shares with Eva and while he was there he assaulted a police officer leading to his arrest. "I guess while [Kevin] was going into court he got into a fight with security because he's crazy, like I've told the world a million times," Eva said of the situation

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The Blast now reports that Eva is shopping for a new home as a way to stay protected from her psycho ex. According to the publication, Eva was house hunting with her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Cynthia Bailey. Eva explained how she experiences PTSD from Kevin and is scared her “donor might be on the lurk.” She wants her new home to have security since “between psycho a—donor” and her defense attorney husband, protection is needed. 

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 "This is what's so crazy about it. He was arrested going into court for a case he filed against me," Eva added of the situation. "More recently, he drew a suit against me for child support—which is amazing because he's never given a cent and I've raised our child—but child support, custody, and...I've recently changed my daughter's name from his last name to our family name which is Sterling, and he now wants to reverse that."