It's been a while since we've heard any news about Kevin McCall's legal troubles. Years ago, the singer-songwriter seemed to be at the top of his game as he worked with some major players in the music industry, but recently his arrests have overshadowed his accomplishments. McCall has been estranged from his daughter Marley Rae whom he shares with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Eva Marcille, and according to the model, her ex has never been in their daughter's life. 

Eva Marcille Sterling Wendy Williams
Neilson Barnard / Staff / Getty Images

Eva has openly spoken out about her relationship with McCall and the alleged physical abuse she endured while they were together. She had Marley's last name changed to that of her husband Michael Sterling, a move that unsurprisingly displeased Kevin. On Thursday (February 27), Eva visited The Wendy Williams Show and talked about her ex.

"Marley doesn't even know," Eva admitted. "Marley has no idea... She just turned six and she'll know at some point, but that's my baby and that's Mike's baby and that's our first kid. He raised her." Wendy added that Eva's husband is currently going through the legal process to formally adopt Marley as his own.

"We legally changed her name this past year. We went through a lot to do it," Eva added. "The name change isn't legal, so now we have to go through the adoption process and I mean, [Kevin] is making it a little bit easier for us, acting all crazy in the public. I knew it behind closed doors." Eva explained that Kevin—or "Marley's donor," as she calls him—filed a lawsuit against her for custody of Marley, child support, and to change Marley's last name back to McCall.

"He went to court to see the judge and [acted] a whole fool and fought a sheriff deputy, [tumbled] down an escalator...broke the man's glasses," Eva said of Kevin's recent arrest. "He has three felony counts against him right now in Georgia and the judge threw out our case with prejudice so he cannot try to get custody of [Marley] again." Watch Eva Marcille's interview with The Wendy Williams Show below.