At the top of the week, Chris Brown came under fire for allegedly drugging and raping a woman in Paris. By the end of the week, the "With You" singer was released from custody with no charges against him and has filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman. It's been a controversial topic, to say the least, with T.I. and 50 Cent expressing how they believe the singer who has maintained his innocence.  

The Paris happenings was a topic on the talk show The Talk where Eve's opinion on the matter received some backlash for being too judmegemtnal. “It’s really a shame. I mean, obviously we know he’s had trouble in the past, and it’s like, when are you going to stop and grow up and allow the talent to shine through and fix your brain?” she said.

“This is ridiculous. I’d like to hope that these allegations aren’t true, obviously, we don’t know. But at the end of the day, times have changed. If you guys don’t know that yet, whether in America or overseas, get your act together.” 

Eve has now followed up on her statements with an official apology telling her fans that they were right about her harsh criticism.

“It was only harsh because I’m passionate about the climate that we’re in right now with women and all these allegations coming out. My passion wasn’t geared towards Chris Brown and these specific allegations," she explained, adding that she didn't know if the allegations were true or false at the time. 

“I have to have an opinion. I am a woman. I’ve been through some things and I just want to keep the conversation going. So whoever was offended, I apologize." Watch her full response below.