Who else realized today that, with a different hairstyle, Lil Baby could pass as a young Jamie Foxx

The Shade Room posted a vintage picture of Jamie Foxx to their page today, asking their readers if they could figure out which Hollywood star was in the picture. Surprisingly, people were slow in figuring out that the man in the photo was Foxx. Instead, an abundant number of folks suggested that Lil Baby is the man in the picture.

The black-and-white image shows a man on the basketball team, sporting a mullet and representing for Terrell High School. Considering Lil Baby went to Booker T. Washington High School, where he dropped out in the tenth grade, we can easily confirm that this is not him. That didn't stop anyone from claiming that the Atlanta rapper traveled back in time to put on Jamie Foxx's uniform though.

"Yal know damn well that's Lil Baby. Very obvious," wrote one commenter. "Rare photo of Lil Baby," wrote another, getting over 1,000 likes on his comment.

Lil Baby Jamie Foxx
Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Until today, nobody realized how much Lil Baby looks like Jamie Foxx but now, they're realizing that the two could be inter-generational brothers. They share a lot of the same physical traits, especially their eyes.

Were you fooled?