We're well familiar with the ongoing narrative surrounding Kanye West. Even though his antics may very well alienate some of his fans, many remained enamored with West on the strength of his stellar discography. It's easy to listen to The College Dropout and imagine a young artist, truly living out the life he puts forth in his raps, locking himself in a room to make five beats a day for three summers. While Ye has since opted to take on a more collaborative approach to his production, there remains a moment in time where simple purism came to define his sonic aesthetic.

Now, with nothing sacred, even that is being tested. Evidence has recently cast doubt on Ye's College Dropout contributions, or at least one of them, in a since-deleted tweet. "I know it says Kanye did the Last Call beat with me, but all he did was put the just to get by drums on top of my beat. #maga," he writes, as captured by Complex. For those who don't know, he's alluding to Talib Kweli's Yeezy produced "Get By,"  which dropped in 2003. 

One fan in particular pointed out an existing inconsistency in Evidence's claim, bringing up an older interview in which he broke down the very much Yeezy-heavy production process in detail. The rapper quickly moved to clear the air. "I was going along with the program," writes Evidence, alluding to a greater narrative we laypeople know nothing about. For the record, "Last Call" is currently listed as being produced by both Kanye West and Evidence. Now, one has to wonder if Yeezy's "collaborative nature" was active even then; either way, his contributions to the game are no less important. College Dropout still a classic.