Former NFL wide receiver Percy Harvin recently opened up about his eight-year career during an interview with Bleacher Report's Master Tesfatsion, including his struggles with anxiety and how he constantly smoked weed to level himself out.

As seen in the latest episode of "Untold Stories," Harvin explained that he smoked weed before every single game during his time with the Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets and Buffalo Bills. That would include Super Bowl XLVIII, when Harvin returned a kickoff for a touchdown at the start of the second half, as his Seattle Seahawks steamrolled the Denver Broncos 43-8.

Although Harvin won a Super Bowl with the Seahawks, he described his time in Seattle as "probably the worst years of my life" because his anxiety is "worse when I go into unfamiliar situations." Specifically, Harvin addressed an altercation with teammate Golden Tate prior to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Following the NFC Championship Game, Tate was asked about Harvin's return to the field following a concussion that caused him to miss the game. Tate brushed off the speedy wide receiver's impact, saying the Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl without him, which led Harvin to lash out.

"I was already wrapped up it didn't even probably matter what his answer was. … I was already at 10," Harvin said about his confrontation with Tate in the locker room (H/T Bleacher Report). 

Harvin noted that marijuana helped him deal with the anxiety throughout his career, and he made it clear that weed was a far better alternative than popping "at least" seven prescription pills.