Sole Collector has learned that Nike is facing another wave of complaints from former employees. The latest lawsuit involves a group of women complaining of gender discrimination and pay disparity during their tenure. Former brand strategist Sara Johnston and stylist Kelly Cahill have taken up the mantle for others subjected to similar conditions, below them in the pecking order.

The lawsuit alleges that a lot of female employees were docked unsubstantiated points on their annual performance review. Hence they scored lower on group projects, and received fewer benefits, all amounting to less equity within the company, even in instances where their credentials matched those of their male counterparts.

Sara Johnston says she resigned after discovering she was paid much less than her male coworkers, with whom she shared many responsibilities at the company. Kelly Cahill's resignation fell on similar circumstances. Both described a work environment prone to issues of harassment, similar to the allegations Nike has had to address in the past several months.

Johnston even recounted a work relationship turned sexual (non-consensually) where a male colleague to let up his sexting, which took a graphic turn once he began sending her screen shots of his swoosh. Cahill on the other hand is more than willing to call her aggressor out by name: Daniel Tawiah, a former VP who was forced out some time ago. Nike has not spoken on the matter as of yet.