Sherra Wright, the wife of ex-NBA talent Lorenzen Wright was charged with his shooting death in 2017. The incident took place nearly 8 years ago, 10 days after the former Memphis Grizzlies' player was reported missing. He was later found completely riddled with bullet wounds in a swampy area. Record states that Sherra had hired two contract killers to go forward with the hit. When that amiss, Sherra recruited another individual to complete the job. An affidavit swears that Sherra Wright identified the exact location where her ex-husband's body was found, days before it was uncovered.

Sherra Wright has been held at a woman's jail since being charged with on murder and attempted murder charges for Lorenzen's death. The judge presiding over the case, accounted for bad behavior in County Jail when he set her bond at $20 million. Her defense team is crying foul since she has no prior convictions, but the Judge seems partial to her behavior, and perhaps biased towards the final outcome. Sherra had been caught tussling with Correctional Officers, and had received flack for passing "contraband" items to other inmates. Her ex-husband Lorenzen Wright was a valued center, known for his rebounding and determined play. He spent 13 seasons in the NBA, including a lengthy stint in his hometown of Memphis, with the Grizzlies.

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