DC's movie universe is facing another hiccup. As reported by The Hollywood ReporterJustice League's Ezra Miller is taking a stab at writing the scipt for the upcoming The Flash film. Ezra played the scarlet speedster in the superhero team-up that didn't quite deliver at the box office. John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein originally wrote a more comedic and light-hearted script for Flash, but Ezra wants the film to have a darker tone. The creative differences have kept The Flash in pre-production hell for just over a year now. Goldstein and Daley helped scribe Spider-Man: Homecoming, which displayed their ability to create a light-hearted family-friendly script. Sources claim that Warner Bros is in favor of the lighter script, since they scored big with Aquaman which used a similar method. Shazam! will also take a light-hearted approach to the superhero genre, steering DC further away from their more grim reputation. 

Ezra has teamed up with fabled comic book writer Grant Morrison to put together the darker take on the hero. DC has been trying to compromise with Ezra, who feels deeply committed to bringing the best version of the Flash to the screen. If Warners decides against Ezra and Morrison's take on the hero, the actor could part ways with the project.