Last year, there was no way of avoiding Drake's "In My Feelings." His City Girls-assisted Scorpion single became the song of 2018 with the help of internet comedian Shiggy. The Instagram star made a video of himself dancing to the song and spawned an internet dance challenge of sorts, thus making "In My Feelings" a viral sensation that produced millions of videos, many of which mimicked Shiggy's dance moves in his original clip.

Following Drake's success with "In My Feelings," other artists have hoped that dance challenges would help get their songs to the top of the charts, as well. In anticipation of the release of Summertime Shootout 3: Coldest Summer Ever, Fabolous believed that Shiggy would do him a solid and try his hand at getting Fab's single "Choosy" featuring Jeremih and Davido to go viral. Shiggy said he had no problem kicking off a dance challenge for long as the rapper cut him a check.

Fab passed on the offer, but things came to a head when the rapper and his friends ran into Shiggy backstage at one of Fab's concerts recently. Casanova confronted Shiggy over the situation because Shiggy danced on Instagram for Drake for free but asked his friend to pay him upfront. Casanova had quite a bit to say, adding that "it's n*ggas like you that we let in our sections all the time, we give y'all liquor, we let y'all have fun," so it's assumed that because they're friends, a favor isn't much to ask for.

Shiggy's argument was that because it's his job, he deserves to be compensated. A video of the friendly confrontation hit the internet and sparked a few reactions, so check it out below and let us know if you'd ask your friends to cut you a check for exposure.