Fabolous and the father of his child, Emily Bustamante, are back to being allied forces, as per a TMZreport. The now-infamous confrontation outside Fab's New Jersy home escalated to a fiery point. Threats were exchanged -- a dagger was unsheathed; the whole episode was rather ugly, in a nutshell.

Thank goodness for cooling heads because Fab and Emily's pops were able to iron out their differences shortly thereafter, away from the media spotlight. TMZ even reports that Emily Bustamante, Pops, Fabolous, and the kids have been a close kin ever since.

Needless to say, Fabolous is still on the hook for the threats he ushered on that fateful afternoon. The Brooklyn-expat was recently indicted for allegedly assaulting his baby mother, and again, must face the consequences of his idling threats against her father, which included shooting him with a firearm "if he stepped too close."

According to TMZ, in-law relations have never been better. Emily's B father has reportedly agreed to testify in Fabolous' honor if his case goes to trial. As of right now, Emily Bustamante and Fabolous are still an item. Reports they secretly consummated their relationship at the altar, were exaggerated. As always, Fab and his coterie are taking things day-by-day, shrug-for shrug.