While some of us are out here are struggling to buy a fake Rolex in Chinatown, Fabolous is giving his son two Rolexes and the kid is only 7-years old. Two, cause a 7-year old needs options.

The report comes via Page Six. Loso reportedly gave his son, Johan, two watches for Christmas, from New York City jeweler Rafaello & Co., totaling $34,000. The first is a $21,500 26mm 18k yellow gold Presidential Rolex while the second is a $12,500 26mm two-tone Datejust Rolex.

Not only did Johan get two watches for Christmas, his dad redecorated his bedroom to reflect a WWE boxing ring, which sounds like a kid's dream come true (more so than a gold watch, one would think).

Fabolous shared photos of Johan dabbing with one of the Rolexes, as well as picture of the newly redecorated room on Instagram. Take a look at both above.

What'd you get for Christmas?