Fab's been in the news recently and unfortunately, it hasn't been for anything good. Footage of the rapper and his long time girlfriend, Emily B, domestic dispute flooded the internet and undoubtedly sparked a lot of opinions. Whether on Twitter, Instagram, websites or blogs, Fab's name and his current situation have been a major point in conversation. Now, his brother, Paul Cain, has something to say to everyone who's kept his family's name in their mouth.

Cain sent out a PSA to everyone who have been speaking on his family. "Real quick, for all you n*ggas arguing in my comments, in my sisters comments with so much to say about what's going on. You wasn't there." He said, "So you should really fall back. You don't know anything. The bloggers don't know anything. They wasn't there neither. Y'all reading some shit over the internet and really arguing over some shit like you know something. You wasn't there scrap. Mind your fuckin' business."

His PSA follows news of Fab's charges. It's being reported that the rapper is facing charges of one count of aggravated assault as well as one count of making terroristic threats. The rapper faces three to five years if convicted of the aggravated assault charge alone. He's due back in court later this month. We'll keep you updated on what happens.