Fab's been in some hot water as of lately. The rapper was arrested recently for allegedly punching his long-time girlfriend Emily B over seven times and threatening her family. Footage surfaced a few days later and now, it's being reported that he's been formally charged.

Fabolous is facing charges of one count of aggravated assault in the third degree and one count of making terroristic threats, Bossip reports. The assault charge alone is enough for Fab to face three to five years behind bars in state prison along with up to $15K in fines if he were to be convicted. 

Emily B detailed the incident in Fab's complaint. She says that he committed domestic violence and punched her in the head seven times which ultimately caused "severe damage to her two front teeth." Her front teeth had to be medically removed. In the complaint, she also says that he texted her "that he would hit her in the head with a baseball bat." She also said that he "informed the victim that he had a bullet for her."

It's also reported that Fab will be tried by the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office for the case. The prosecutor's spokeswoman said that the initial charges still stand on Fab's case.

We'll keep you updated on anymore news that pertains to Emily B's alleged beat down.