The Hot Girl Summer craze is ongoing, especially now that Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj, and Ty Dolla $ign's turn-up anthem has received and MTV Video Music Award. On Friday, Megan was captured out and about, this time at a Puma event, and candid clips of her mingling with Jay Z circulated on social media.

However, Megan's interactions with Hov didn't captivate her fans' attention as much as the Houston Hottie's video of rapper Fabolous. Megan shared the clip on her Instagram page that showed Fab "driving the boat" or drinking a shot of Dusse after it's poured into his mouth. It's become Megan's signature move, so it's unsurprising that there was a willing participant at the scene who wanted partake.

Megan supplied the first round, a drink that Fab took like a champ. While most people would wince at even the thought, the rapper was unfazed; so much so, that he took a followup shot within seconds. The innocent, yet alcohol-induced interaction received over ten thousand comments on multiple social media platforms, and the public made Fabolous the butt of their jokes. Many referenced his relationship with Emily B, and let's just say the internet was not kind.

"Baby Emily somewhere putting her teeth in about to go looking for him," one person said, referencing the fight between the rapper and his longtime girlfriend that allegedly ended when he assaulted her and knocked her teeth out. Another commenter added, "He needs to drive to anger management courses." Freddie Gibbs came through with laughing emojis while Casanova wrote that City Boys are way down for this one.