Fabolous has been a mainstay in the game for two decades, having transitioned from punchline aficionado to mixtape diety to a well-rounded artist. A few months removed from the release of his Summertime Shootout 3, Fab has kept the press tour alive with another stop on The Breakfast Club. Seeing as the album has already been given breathing room, the conversation is a little more free-flowing, even jovial. 

Around the thirty-seven minute mark, Fab opens up about some of the inherent dangers of being a punchline rapper. "Sometimes you say punchlines, and you may not even know the seriousness behind it," he explains. When Envy asks whether anyone ever pressed him about a punchline, Fab shares an interesting story. "You know who actually stopped me? Solange. It was some mixtape freestyle, and I said 'if you could have Beyonce would you take Solange? Luckily she didn't run down on me in an elevator."

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

"The first person I saw was B," he continues. "She was like 'let me holla at you.' I went over there and she was telling me they rock with me -- I didn't think when I was saying it, I didn't connect like that. With Beyonce, I ain't gonna share the exact conversation but she told me, these are people. Saying something like that could personally hurt her. I said 'I did it, and when I see Solange that I'll apologize to her. I ended up seeing her, years ago. I beelined to Solange to apologize. She was stiff. I was like 'ey what's up.'" He proceeds to mirror her cold response. "I was like, I didn't mean any malice but I apologize for it," he continues. "She was like, cool." 

Ever the optimist, Charlamagne points out that he got lucky and everyone has a laugh. "It really woke me up," he confesses. "Up until that point, I would say anything in a rap if it was catchy." Check it out for yourself below, and be sure to check out our own conversation with Fab right here