Fabolous and Emily B seem to be back on good terms after the alleged domestic assault that occurred earlier in the year but the rapper still has to face a judge in the case. In early June, it was revealed that he was finalizing a plea deal that would put him in a program for first-time offenders. However, that might not be the case. Fabolous reportedly rejected the plea deal and the case is now heading to a Grand Jury.

According to Bossip, Fabolous has rejected his plea deal in the Emily B assault case and the rapper will have to face a Grand Jury. During Thursday's hearing, his lawyer said that Fab would take his chances during a possible trial. Before bringing the case in front of a Grand Jury, the prosecutors said that it must be brought to criminal court first. 

“This matter has been dragging since April,” the prosecutor told the judge. “It was supposed to be a [pre-trial intervention] entry, but that apparently was rejected.”

The prosecutor also said Fab's case would be reviewed by a Grand Jury early next month after Fab's lawyer, Brian Nearly, asked for plea negotiations to be withdrawn from the case.

It's unsure what the decision to to pull the plea deal was but if he had taken it, he would've had his charges dismissed after he completed the pre-trial intervention program. There was also a possibility that his charges would've been expunged if he completed the program which could run anywhere between six months to few years.