Fabolous' had a rough start to his year after he was arrested and charged for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and mother of his children, Emily B. Since then, it seems like the two of them have patched things up in their household but Fab still has to answer to a judge. In early June, Fab was reportedly finalizing a plea deal in the domestic violence case and now, it looks like he won't be facing any jail time.

According to Bossip, Fabolous won't be facing any jail time in the domestic abuse case in exchange for a lesser charge. He appeared in Bergen County Superior Court earlier today for an “early disposition hearing." His lawyer said to the judge the Fabolous planned to take a “pre-trial intervention” deal. 

Fab's deal with the court means that he'll plead guilty -- most likely for a less severe charge -- in order to avoid jail time and partake in a diversion program made for first-time offenders. The "pre-trial intervention" deal is meant for first-time offenders and last from six months to a few years. If completed successfully, the charge will be wiped off his record.

Fab reportedly said nothing in the court room. He was accompanied by a man and a woman but Emily B wasn't with him. He's expected back in court next month.