G Herbo and his baby mama Ari had a bit of a messy breakup. Things ended up in the public eye with some wild allegations being made by both parties but what seemed a bit more shocking was the fact that Herbo moved onto Taina, who's Fabolous' step-daughter. Their relationship has continued to flourish and it appears that Herbo is essentially part of the family.

In a recent interview, Fabolous revealed that he's almost like an OG to Herbo and Taina, especially when it comes to maneuvering their relationship in the public eye. Fab and Herb have been growing closer in recent times, as it would appear. He told WGCI’s Tone Kapone that he gives Herbo the co-sign, saying the Chicago rapper has a good head on his shoulders. And as someone who's gone through relationship stuff in the public eye, he has the wisdom to drop on the two.

"I’m even able to be kind of like an OG to him on a sense of in their relationship too because she’s now dealing with a rapper,” Fab said. “I can even speak from his perspective a little bit and help her understand…if he’s just going to the studio, she might be thinking, ‘Why he spending so much time in the studio?’ I’m like, ‘that’s his office.’ That’s a rapper’s office.”

He added, "It’s not like he's just making it a place where he’s trying to avoid you but that’s his job. He may not even know it... But still, as a man, it’s still your place to know how to balance them two things. It’s something that I’ve learned in my maturity but he’s got it. He’s a good dude overall.”

Peep the clip below.