It's no easy feat to go head-to-head with the Disney machine, let alone the Disney machine promoting a new Frozen movie. And yet that's exactly what Fabolous, The Game, and the Griselda trio did last Friday. Together, they ensured a major day for hip-hop music, delivering Summertime Shootout 3, Born 2 Rap, and WWCD respectively. While the Frozen 2 soundtrack rolled through the competition like a blizzard ravaging an unprepared tropical town, rap stood strong all the same, with Fab in particular facing a notable first-week. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to a report from HitsDailyDouble, the projected first-week tally finds Fabolous' Summertime Shootout 3 moving between 30-35 thousand units in digital markets. Respectable, given the absence of a viral single or any particular antics; clearly, his name still rings bells, the product of a strong and solid career. The sales were enough to position him in the tenth position on the Billboard charts, one behind DaBaby's Kirk and one ahead of Tory LanezChixtape 5. 

As per HitsDailyDouble's projected numbers, neither The Game's Born 2 Rap nor Griselda's WWCD cracked the top 20, which points to a total of under 20k. But it should be noted that the numbers are hardly final, and subject to change before the official release. A poll we did on Friday found a majority of our users favoring the Griselda tape - have your opinions changed?