TMZ has obtained footage of the altercation which preceded Fabolous' arrest at 8:30 PM on Wednesday. Fabolous was booked on charges of aggravated assault and making a terroristic threat. 

In the video posted below, Fabolous can be seen wielding a dagger outside of his private residence, which he owns and shares with Emily B. To his right, she restrained as Fabolous paces forward ushering threats. Out of view, Emily B's father can he be audibly heard coming to her defence, telling Fab "That's my motherf***ing daughter" and calling him a coward. Inevitably that didn't go over too well in the heat of the moment. 

A member of Fabolous entourage continues to mediate the confrontation, placing himself between the rapper and his quote on quote aggressors. Fabolous then tells Emily's father that he has a "bullet with his name on it," before turning back to his baby mother and pointing the dagger in her direction once again.

Fabolous reportedly turned himself in to law enforcement, this footage does little to repair his image leading up to the case. Emily B insists that Fab had hit her multiple times, even incurring a loss of teeth during the attack. The couple have two children together, aged 2 and 10. See for yourself, the video might be triggering, consider yourself warned.