As convenience has become king, the idea of downloading mixtapes has begun feeling strangely archaic -- especially given the prominence of streaming services. For that reason, many classic tapes have simply fallen by the wayside, left in the dust over uncleared samples and other behind-the-scenes predicaments. Luckily, many artists are beginning to take measures in bringing their mixtape catalog back into the fold, with Fabolous being the most recent example.

Fabolous The Soul Tape

David Livingston/Getty Images

Today, Fab took to Instagram to announce that he had officially uploaded his 2011 classic The Soul Tape to SoundCloud, which features contributions from Lil Wayne, Lloyd Banks, Paul Cain, Vado, and more. The fan-favorite tape clearly remains dear to Fab's heart, as he not only took the measures to highlight it once again, but also launched an entire merch capsule commemorating its nine-year-anniversary; should you be interested in copping some of said merch, check that out right here

If you've never heard The Soul Tape, consider checking it out below. There's a reason many still hold Fab's bars in high esteem, and it's not because of his romantic tracks -- classic though a few of those might be. For the most part, his mixtape catalog played a major role in solidifying his reputation as punchline royalty. Be sure to check out The Soul Tape right now, and sound off - is this a classic tape by your estimation?