If I were to give Friday On Elm Street a traditional review, it would receive a solid 83/100. However, this isn't a review in that sense. We decided to go a different route.

Both Loso and Kiss are rap veterans, created in an era where bars were more important than breathing. Thus, lyrically, no rapper in the game wants to be on the opposing end of Jada’s raspy entendres or Loso’s knockout punchlines. When the two New York vets announced their intent to make a joint project, fans were skeptical. Although many mixtape mashups have been gracing Spotify playlists recently, the dream of hearing two of the most lyrically adept monsters together for an entire project sounded too good to be true. After months of speculation, and a release date that was pushed past the Halloween timeframe, the duo finally delivered Friday On Elm Street last week.

The joint mixtape features 12 tracks, two of them being solo records for each of the artists (although Jada features fellow LOX member Styles P on his solo outing). While conversing on Friday On Elm Street, a debate began to formulate within the groups of hip-hop heads I respect and admire. Some argued that Jada had the better solo record, while others shrugged their shoulders in disgust, and declared Loso as the winner of best solo track. The debate grew into a furious argument about which lyricist delivered the best verses on the mixtape. Everyone’s opinion of lyricism varies, but there had to be a defining way to weigh Jadakiss’ verses, and Fabolous’ as well. 

So, I invented a method. First, we're looking at a sample size from the project, and so, the six best tracks on the mixtape had to be determined, which was a debate within itself. Then, each rapper’s verse was judged on delivery, punchlines, flow, metaphors, and entendres. For example, on “F vs J Intro” Fabolous won the punchline and entendre categories, but Jadakiss killed the other three categories, making him the winner of the track. The same grading method was used on the six tracks that were chosen, and an overall winner was decided. Feelings were hurt and “I told you so’s” were thrown around callously, but my decision is final. Of course, a proper Who Had the Better Verse competition would be lackluster without fan participation, so after reading our rankings, join the debate and cast your own vote! One thing is for sure though, you won't find a more distinguished lyrical onslaught for years to come.