According to The Verge, Facebook and Universal Music have joined forces to create a multi-year licensing agreement which will allow users to upload music from Universal's vast catalogue into their videos. This agreement also extends to Instagram and Oculus, and will allow music to be included in social media posts without being removed due to copyright infringements.

Facebook notes that this pairing is a first step in a series of plans that will introduce more music-based products into their arsenal, but won't stop with just UMG. Facebook has reportedly also been in talks with Warner Music Group and Sony Music Group to strike up similar deals in order to allow users to have more freedom when posting online.

As The Verge also points out, Facebook has been in talks with music labels since as early as 2015 to find different ways integrate music into their various social media platforms rather than creating a more standard streaming service. Facebook looks to mend any issues with copyright that will inevitably make both users and the music industry equally happy.

Facebook is also in talks to create its own version of Content ID, which would allow music labels and other key industry personnel to manage their content when using the platform. 

Facebook has always tried to be ahead of the curve when it comes to updating its services, as they are in talks to also try and allow selfies to act as a log-in verification to their servers.