A few weeks ago, suspicious packages were being sent to some of the most influential businesses in America as somebody mailed out dozens of threatening envelopes to Hillary Clinton's home, CNN, the Obama residence, and more. While this incident isn't nearly as severe, it is being reported that the Facebook buildings in California were evacuated yesterday after a bomb threat was made. 

According to CNN, everybody is safe but a few of Facebook's buildings were cleared in order for police to investigate the threat. Employees are allowed to return to their offices as things are back to normal today. The San Mateo bomb unit responded to the threat, noting that there were no suspicious packages or devices found in their search. 

A spokesperson for Facebook has issued a statement that reads, "We take the safety and security of our people at Facebook extremely seriously and are glad that everyone is safe. We are working closely with local authorities to investigate this threat and further monitor the situation."

The initial tip was sent to the police's Crime Stoppers unit. Thankfully, everybody is safe and nothing was found. The company moved one of their campuses about 30 miles away from San Francisco in 2011, which is the building that was targeted.