Observers tend to believe Faith Evans and Stevie J are hiking up the drama in order to sell a TV pilot or something. First she revealed her sexual proclivities with Biggie, just as we learned of her marriage to Stevie J, a go-to producer during the Bad Boy era. Then things took a turn for the worst when a woman came forward with accusations of infidelity. The woman also accused Stevie J of getting her pregnant during the infancy of his relationship with Faith Evans.

Consequently, Faith Evans has decided to ignore the accusations and focus instead on the merrymaking process with her beau. In a post titled "Love Wins," Faith shared two selfies of her and Stevie J in a shared embrace. Maybe the allegations will hit her at a later time, or when the couple experiences their first ground-shaking fight, but until then Faith is not letting the rumor mill affect her resolve, even at the cost of alienating her relatives by not inviting them to the couple's Vegas reception.

The woman who goes by @thebossputa_ on social media, alleges that her child with Stevie J is due in October, and remains hopeful Faith and her husband will her with financial support once the baby is born.