Fans love it when celebrities share stories of their wild nights, and while Faizon Love didn't give up too much information on a party that got frisky, he did talk about locking lips with Gabrielle Union. The comedic actor was on Livestream with former NBA star Kwame Brown and the two men were just sharing a few laughs along with just as many stories when Love revealed his tale of partying with Union.

"Watch this, Gabrielle Union and I had a nice kiss in a club," the actor said with a smile. Brown told him he needed to watch out because Dwyane Wade would come after him. "He know!" said Faizon.

Gabrielle Union, Faizon Love
Jeff Snyder / Contributor / Getty Images

Faizon insisted that he's cool with Union and explained that when the incident allegedly took place, he was with the actress and Vince Carter. "Ask Vince Carter about that night! Ask him 'bout that night!" said Faizon. "Everybody know about the infamous Faizon-Gabby tongue down." The comedian clarified that Union wasn't with Wade, but seemed to suggest that she was hanging out with or dating Carter at the time.

"She was dating me that night," he joked. "She was with Vince, they were going out or something. I don't know, we was gettin' drunk and it was an infamous night. Gabby my n*gga, too, so... That's the only girl really in Hollywood. Most actresses are weird, you know what I'm sayin'? They weird as f*ck. I like regular-ass chicks."

Check out the clip of Faizon Love and Kwame Brown chopping it up below.