Not long ago, actor slash comedian Faizon Love came out swinging for Dave East, putting the New York lyricist on blast for representing the Crips. Naturally, Dave East and many of his associates felt some type of way about Love's assessment, especially given the harsh nature of the language used. "That corny ass fake crip n***a. I be like, 'What the fuck?'" Faizon previously said, speaking with Katt Williams on Hip-Hop Uncensored in late September. "I was so surprised that MC Eiht gave him a stamp."

Dave East Faizon Love

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Now, however, Faizon Love took a moment to elaborate on his assessment during a recent interview with DJ Vlad. When Vlad inquires about Faizon's comments on Dave East, the actor brings up BG Knocc Out's statement that Love should have simply minded his business. "I texted [B.G] like n***a, you right," admits Love. "Why do I give a fuck? I'm 52. Why do I give a fuck if he's a real Crip or not. But it's in me and it's not on me. It's a real culture, you can't just say something. Once you put that out there, you're letting people know."

"I'm not your worst guy," he continues, warning East of the dangers that might come with gangbanging territory. "Your worst problem is a young brotha from ESP Piru, a real blood, catching you and that's it. You can't rap when he come up. If you bangin', that's what bangin' is. You don't aspire to be a gang member. You're from that set."

From the sound of it, Faizon doesn't have a personal issue with Dave East, but simply respects the principles of gang culture. That, and the unspoken rules that come with claiming a set, something that -- by his assessment -- should not be done frivolously. Check out his full explanation below, and sound off if you think Faizon Love is out of line for speaking on Dave East in the first place.