WandaVision is all wrapped up which means the MCU is about ready to debut their next duo-centric superhero show: Falcon & The Winter SoldierThe series will follow Falcon and Bucky Barnes as they wrestle with the legacy of Captain America and also fight Baron Zemo. The latter was also the main villain in Captain America: Civil War, so it's nice to see him return. 

Trailers for the series have been getting the hype up among MCU fans, and critics who have seen the previews are giving positive reviews. Many fans were disappointed that WandaVision didn't feature a much bigger cameo, like Dr. Strange, however, it doesn't look like Falcon & The Winter Soldier will have that same issue. The series is already rumored to feature Florence Pugh’s new Black Widow Yelena Belova and William Hurt’s Thaddeus Ross. This would make sense and create a bridge between Falcon & The Winter Soldier and the upcoming Black Widow film. 

A new report is claiming that Don Cheadle's War Machine may also make an appearance as early as the first episode. War Machine also has a Disney+ show coming called Armor WarsIt would make sense for Marvel to start interconnecting some shows, while others lead directly to movies (like WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multi-Verse of Madness).