Last night, Family Guy aired an episode of their long-running series that angered a lot of people. It also made some smile with glee but it was deemed by Trump supporters to be "offensive" and "gross." People have even said that Family Guy is the worst show to have ever been created in the history of the world... but I thought that title went to Saturday Night Live? Regardless, the producers of the animated show spoke with Entertainment Weekly following the broadcast of the controversial episode, clearing up why they decided to go through with it and how long the episode sat on the shelf.

"We knew, writing this episode, that what we were writing we weren't going to see on television for a year and a half, so we just had to lay into the fact that luckily Trump has been consistently a disaster, so that hasn't changed at all," said Alex Sulkin, one of the showrunners. Trump is shown during the episode with remarkably small hands, serving as a stand-in for Peter Griffin's longtime rival, the chicken. Viewers reacted to a scene that has the President groping Meg Griffin, to which Rich Appel added: "It's clearly offensive and gross and not appropriate. But not only didn't we not want to show it, we don't want to be too explicit about exactly what happened."

What did you think of last night's episode?