Famous Dex has been having a tough week, having recently been robbed of his fifty-thousand dollar watch and several thousand dollars in cash. Now, TMZ has reported that the rapper's circumstances have worsened, as Dexter was recently arrested for possession of a loaded gun. 

According to the report, police pulled over Dex's vehicle upon noticing that it did not have a rear license plate. Though he allegedly tried to pull a casual getaway, police managed to stop him from walking away before he could slip off. Upon searching the vehicle, police discovered that there was a loaded gun beneath Dex's seat. As such, they attributed him to be the owner and arrested him for gun possession, a concealed firearm at that. 

Famous Dex

 Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

From the sound of it, the police appear to be making an example of the rapper. For one, he was hit with a felony charge and currently sits behind bars, as per the publication. It should be noted that this is not Dexter's first brush with law enforcement. In 2018, he was arrested on an outstanding warrant in New York City, which stemmed from a previous public drinking charge. In November of 2020, Dex was named as a suspect in a domestic violence investigation, during which a SWAT team surrounded the rapper's home; ahead of the incident, Dex allegedly took to Instagram with a Tec 9 and visible boxes of ammo. 

Insofar as this latest charge is concerned, it's as of yet unclear as to whether or not Famous Dex will face jail time. Stay tuned for further updates on the situation as it unfolds.