With his Rich Forever contract seemingly finished, Famous Dex has been on social media all week gloating about his newfound freedom. While it seemed as though he and Rich The Kid were close friends after the release of Dex Meets Dexter, even crying with Rich as he thanked him for his support, the current situation is confusing, to say the least. With the status of Dex's connection to the label up in limbo, he has unfortunately found himself in some trouble, getting arrested in New York City yesterday. Apparently, Dexter was a wanted man and when cops began investigating him and his friends, they found an outstanding warrant out for his arrest and got him in cuffs.

TMZ reports that Dex's warrant was issued as he missed a court date related to previous public drinking charges. The situation likely could have been avoided if the rapper had a better group of friends as he was nabbed after cops began to look into his group of associates for credit card fraud. While his team is assuring that Dexter has nothing to do with the fraud investigation, he was reportedly cited for marijuana possession after being arrested in a hotel room. 

The publication managed to snap a photo of the Chicagoan in handcuffs as he arrived at the police station, smiling big for the paparazzi. Something tells us Dexter is not worried about this after checking out the photo here. We will keep you updated as details emerge.