If you've been to a Famous Dex concert, you know that the man enjoys taking off his clothes and throwing them into the crowd. While some have been lucky enough to catch some of Dexter's pre-owned designer clothes, others have taken the opportunity to mimic him, or so Dex would like to believe. Recently, 6ix9ine has been performing shows in his underwear and others are also pulling the stunt. While he may not have been the first performer to go nearly nude at his shows, he certainly had a hand in popularizing it in recent times. However, Dex is taking credit as the sole creator of the act.

Posting a video of himself stripping on stage and stating that he "created this shit," Dexter may be forgetting that strip clubs have existed since way before his time. Some people literally make a living by taking their clothes off on stage but the "Japan" artist is likely thinking of the specifics. Is he the first rapper to throw his clothes into the crowd during a performance? Probably not. However, the frequency with which he's been pulling the stunt proves that he very well could be. Claiming it as his own, Dex's performance usually hits its climax when the entertainer gets down to his underwear.

At this point in his career, he can comfortably throw his Gucci and Louis into the audience without thinking twice about the financial losses. While it may be seen as a waste of money to some, you've got to admit that it's pretty outrageous when he pulls it off, making his set that much more memorable.