These days, it feels like heated Instagram tirades have replaced the diss track altogether. Late last night, Famous Dex found himself looking to get something off his chest, unleashing a vitriolic IG Live rant upon Chicago rapper King Von

"King Von you a bitch," declares Dex, at the onset of the clip. "Suck my dick. You got 6ix9ine going to O Block. Ho-ass n***a. Go get on 6ix9ine ass before you say anything about me. Cause he all on ya'll block. Disrespecting y'all dead n***as." The disrespect was echoed by Tekashi himself, who scurried into Akademiks' comment section with a taunting message of his own. "Never forget they killed Durk cousin nuski and Durk hasn’t spun yet FACTS," writes 6ix9ine, clearly trying to goad Durk into continuing the feud. 

Famous Dex King Von

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Not long after the clip surfaced, Von took to Twitter with an ominous response. "N***as better hope God got some room for they bitch ass," he wrote, his words seemingly directed at Dex and 6ix9ine. Given what we've seen thus far, it's unlikely that 6ix9ine will be fazed in the slightest, opting to keep the same disrespectful energy he has been keeping since his release. 

If it hasn't become clear that beef can be a relevant marketing tool in hip-hop, the revelation that 6ix9ine's camp was allegedly offering Lil Durk exorbitant amounts of money to continue the feud speaks volumes. From a fan perspective, conflict can be compelling to behold, though the ramifications on the artists themselves can certainly vary. In this case, the threat of violent consequences continues to loom dangerously overhead. We can only hope that cooler heads prevail.