Famous Dex Talks "Mumble Rap" & Respecting OGs In "On The Come Up"

Mitch Findlay
March 21, 2018 14:07

Famous Dex has some advice for his peers in the latest episode of On The Come Up.

In many regards, Dexter has often played the voice of reason vis-a-vis respecting the OGs. Here, he elaborates on the topic, while showing some love to the new wave of "mumble rap." "Whatever this wave is right now, we'll call it mumble rap, well shit, these mumble rappers got a lot of shit going for themselves," explains Dexter. "These mumble rappers taking care of their families...Right now, you gotta run with this wave." Still, he's a scholar of the game, and speaks fondly of the legends.

"You gotta respect the OGs, especially when you in New York too," says Dex. "Let me tell you young rappers something man.  This the home of music and fashion....People don't even know who Redman and Method Man is...come on man, you people retarded! When they asked me who my favorite rapper outta Chicago, and I said Common, they was like 'COMMON????" The incredulity speaks volumes. For a man who has firmly embodied the quote unquote new wave, his wisdom of his predecessors is one of his most admirable traits.

For more from Famous Dex, including the reasoning behind his constant tendency to strip on stage, be sure to peep the entire episode of On The Come Up.

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