I'm seeing double - four Dexters. The more the merrier, as the say. As we partake in our day-to-day, Famous Dex continues his promotional tour; in fact, we recently sat down with the animated rapper for an extensive episode of "On The Come Up." His increased presence certainly seems to signify big moves are imminent, and what's bigger than an album? After several delays and uncertainty, Dex Meets Dexter has landed an official release date. In true Dex fashion, the news was delivered through a strange and comedic video, which features two Dexes for the price of one. 

You can check out the clip below, in which Dex and Dexter collide. The pair seem cut from different philosophical cloths; one the would-be leader, one the rebellious, devil-may-care rapscallion. Perhaps the duality suggests that Dex Meets Dexter may very well feature two sides of Dex's personality; after all, he seems like a multifaceted individual. Citing his favorite Chicago rapper as Common, Dex (or Dexter) is a proud scholar of the OGs. Perhaps his album will feature both sides of the dichotomy. 

We won't have to wait much longer to find out. Dex Meets Dexter is scheduled for release on April 6th. Check out the teaser below, and if you're looking for deeper insight into the twisted mind of Famous Dex, be sure to check out our dope new episode of "On The Come Up" below.