The fanatic who infamously ran onstage in an attempt to get closer to The Carters during their tour is facing legal issues. Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell was quickly reprimanded after this pulling stunt at the couple's OTR II Atlanta concert and he might face graver consequences for his actions.

Legal authorities are said to be pursuing multiple charges against the 26-year-old. The fan was originally given a citation for disorderly conduct and released. Police have since added the charge of simple battery to his file.

Maxwell has been treated for his injuries. Thankfully, no others were injured during the concert. When the fan had run up the stage to make contact with Jay-Z, he was quickly stopped and tackled by both the security and the show's backup dancers.

The prosecution must prove beyond doubt that the defendant intended to make physical contact with the victim for the charge of simple battery to stick. Thanks to all of the videos of the incident that have been circulating online, this might not be such a difficult feat for a legal professional.

It is unclear whether the defendant has hired his own lawyer yet.

Meanwhile, Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z are living their best life and remain untouchable.