Though the situation that transpired yesterday at Capitol Hill is no laughing matter -- despite Ja Rule's attempt to bring a little bit of levity to the somber day after -- many have been attempting to cope through humor. After all, one must sometimes laugh lest they find themselves crying. And while there remains much to unpack in the wake of the historic riot, including many tough conversations about race and double standards in police brutality, many have chosen to look on the bright side and try to lose themselves in laughter. 


Christopher Polk/Getty Image

In fact, some have even gone so far as to conclude that Eminem actually predicted not only the Capitol riot, but the bizarre nature of the costumed individuals that have since gone viral. A tweet is currently in the midst of circulating depicting a screenshot from the "We Made You" video, one that mirrors the riot with a startling degree of accuracy. For whatever reason, some of the participants opted to adorn themselves in animal pelts, furthering the already surreal nature of the situation.

As it happens, Em's "We Made You" featured a similar aesthetic, in which a fur-clad individual stands in a Capitol-esque building -- all while Eminem himself bears a striking resemblance to one of the viral rioters. The absurd accuracy of the similarity has drawn comparisons to The Simpsonswhich has long made a habit of predicting some of the stranger incidents we've seen in modern history. Of course, it's extremely unlikely that these deranged, fur-clad rioters had Eminem in mind while visiting their local trapper for a wardrobe update -- though some will probably come to such a misguided conclusion all the same. Either way, it's amusing to see how accurate the similarity really is, another case of art and life colliding in startling fashion.