It’ no secret that Joel Embiid has been putting in that “work work work work work” over the years trying to get a chance to take out Rihanna on a date. In fact, Rihanna even responded to the 76ers star back in 2014 by saying she’ll go out with him once he becomes an All-Star, and guess what? Joel Embiid was just named to the 2018 NBA East All-Star team Thursday.

While Embiid kept to himself Thursday getting ready for his game against the Boston Celtics, his fans didn’t forget about Rihanna’s comment, and hilarious decided to flood Rihanna’s comments on Instagram just minutes after Embiid was named an All-Star starter.

Then following Thursday night’s game against the Celtics, which the 76ers’ won on the road, Joel was asked about the possibility of a date with Rihanna in his post-game interview, which he surprisingly isn’t down for anymore. Joel joking said that he might need to pass on her now since she turned him down a few years ago.

"She denied me back then so why go with her again. I have to pass and move on to the next one," Joel said on TNT, before ending the interview with "Trust the Process.”

Check out the comical interview (below) as well as Rihanna's flooded IG comments. Would you like to see Rihanna & Joel go out?